Kendall Manz

Low-slung, 2019, 42.5x41.5x8.5cm, porcelain and glaze $850

Rammed earth, 2019, 28x4x15cm, porcelain, sand and recycled ceramic

        Artist Biography
Kendall Manz is an artist working between Canberra and Melbourne. Her practice is driven by material transformation, a motivation which draws her to ceramics, commonly understood as a changed material. Manz’s work is interested in the way clay acts as an interface between human construction and natural processes and becomes a physical record of this exchange. This relationship offers comparisons to others in our built world and the tensions and differing time-scales in these relationships.
        Kendall Manz graduated from the ANU school of Art and Design in 2018 and was selected as a finalist in the CAPO Emerging Art Prize for 2019. She has been included in group exhibitions at Fort Delta, Degenerate and Six, Craft ACT and M16 Artspace. Manz first exhibited with Tributary Projects in 2018’s ‘Lightweight’, a collaboration with Ruby Rossiter. In the artists’ words:

“The current work explores ideologies behind construction in building and art-making. By transposing structural processes from building and architecture into my practice I’m considering the physical and symbolic nature of these methods and in particular those that are geodimetric, such as the rammed earth wall. Using processes unconventional to ceramics reveals its specificities and limitations, exposing traditionally unencouraged traits, such as slumping and fusing. Making in a way that encourages the material to disrupt my control over it asks me what we look for in art-making processes as ends in themselves.”